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1. Introduction

Blue Sky Plan® is Windows and Mac-based computer software intended for 3D virtual surgical implant placement, giving clinicians a more accurate way to treat patients. Blue Sky Plan® is precise and can help the clinician determine the ideal position for implant placement for the best esthetic and functional results. Blue Sky Plan® can be used for diagnostic purposes and can aid in the fabrication of surgical guides for computer-guided surgery. Using Blue Sky Plan® is the way to give your patients the best care available.

Blue Sky Plan converts a Computer Tomography (CT) or Cone Beam Computer Tomography scan into a format that allows the dentist to assess the anatomic topography of the maxilla and mandible as well as the location of important structures. The patient’s CT or CBCT images will be stored in DICOM format from an Imaging Center. The software converts these images and makes it possible to view the patient’s anatomic structures. These data can be used for accurate pre-surgical treatment planning.

The dentist can use the program to:

  • Carry out pre-surgical planning
  • Help fabricate an accurate surgical guide
  • Decrease the risks of surgical complications
  • Create realistic simulations of the treatment plan
  • Assist in selecting the type and size of implants
  • Asses results of prior bone grafting procedures
  • Store the patient data
  • Allow visual communication with patients and the implant team
  • Demonstrate knowledge, credibility, and safety
  • Help provide advanced patient care

Blue Sky Plan® software can be downloaded from A user license must be obtained for each installation. During the installation process the software will prompt the user to request a license via the internet.