Indications For Use

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1.1. Indications For Use

Blue Sky Plan is intended to be used as conversion software for Computed Tomography (CT) generated DICOM images into a format that allows a dentist to assess the anatomic topography of the maxilla and mandible as well as location of important structures. It allows the information to be used for pre-surgical treatment planning of dental implant procedures.

Blue Sky Bio Aligners are a series of clear, lightweight, plastic appliances indicated for the treatment of tooth malocclusions in patients with permanent dentition (i.e., all second molars). Utilizing a series of incremental tooth movements, it sequentially positions teeth by way of continuous gentle force.

Blue Sky Bio Computerized Bracket System is a software system intended for use as an aid in orthodontic treatment planning to correct Malocclusions in Orthodontic Patients. For use by dental professionals trained in orthodontic treatment, including radiographic analyses and treatment planning. Blue Sky Bio Computerized Orthodontic Bracket System is intended for use with commercially available brackets currently used in standard orthodontic treatment. The end product is an indirect bonding tray for use by the Dental professional to place multiple brackets at the same time.

The denture module is intended to be used to design a denture and export the entire denture or selected parts of the denture from the software for 3D printing

The crown and bridge functionality allows a dental professional to design one or more new teeth in the Blue Sky Plan that will attach to either a damaged tooth or a titanium based abutment